Froosh smoothies: 'Fruit on a mission'

Swedish smoothie company Froosh was originally started to give consumers in the Nordic countries a convenient, delicious and healthy way to get more fruit into their diet and make it a little easier to live a healthy life. Since then, the company has seen rapid expansion, and is currently present in Sweden, Denmark (HQ), Norway, Finland, the Baltics, Iceland, the Canary Islands, Spain, France and Japan.

The company creates their own recipes, using 100% fruit. The original sized 250ml bottles contain exactly 2.5 portions of fruit and are free from any concentrates, added sugar or preservatives. The main difference between the smoothie and regular juice is that they don’t just press the juice from the fruit but actually mash and use the whole fruit, making it possible to maintain more nutrition (e.g fibres etc). This gives the product a thicker density than juice, and is often consumed as a snack between meals, on the go or after the gym.

Social responsibility
The company prides itself on being socially responsible by providing much needed jobs, boosting trade, generate foreign exchange and tax revenues for the government and fund infrastructure in the local communities of developing countries. At least 50% of the fruit used in Froosh's smoothies are sourced from developing countries such as Malawi, Ethiopia, India, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru.

"Instead of donating to charity, where the money probably won't even get to the right people, we believe in making it easier to trade and boycott all of the quota's and the tariffs. We are sharing this mission with the fruit farmers in developing countries and help share their stories on their behalf because they are just trying to survive. We want to help them by providing a voice." shares Anna Hagerman Rise, Communication & Public Affairs Manager from Froosh.

"We send out customers, media and our staff to visit the fruit farms that we source our fruit from. Then they get the opportunity to work in the fields for a week and get dirt under their nails and learn about the fruit. This gives them first hand insight into the impact that the fruit industry has on these developing countries.

New flavours launched every 6-9 months
"We like to launch new flavours every 6 to 9 months. We prefer quality over quantity, so the timeline for new flavours may differ somewhat. Our latest flavour we launched is pumpkin with chilli, however, our base will always be fruit, especially tropical fruit because of our philosophy of sourcing fruit from developing countries and that will not change. We are a fruit company, but we have a few vegetable smoothies with spinach, beetroot, ginger. We like to bring new products every 6 months, however, we used to always launch 2 new ones and take 2 different ones off the market, but they are all pretty popular so we are not taking any away for the first time this year." said Anna.

The shelf life of the juice is 9 months and Froosh is able to keep this long shelf life without any kinds of preservatives or additives thanks to their septic production line and smart packaging with glass bottles and unique paper can solutions.

The company has set itself apart by using manifestos on their juice labels instead of typical juice names. The labels are changed every 6 months, often reflecting current issues/people. The manifestos has often been picked up on social media by consumers who appreciate the humour and boldness in them, which gave Froosh the idea to engage their customers to take on more of an active role in coming up with new manifestos, and even held a competition recently to help come up with the newest slogan.

New offices in Japan
The company's most recent venture has been the opening of a new office in Japan for the past 3 to 4 months. Froosh has been present in the country for the last two years via a distributor and after seeing so much potential, decided 6 months ago that it would be better to open up their own office enabling them to be more present in the development of the market.

"There is nothing like us in the Japanese market. Both the content and the look of our product is very different to what consumers there are used to and we have been met with very positive feedback. The market there has different expectations in terms of detail and quality control. They put an emphasis on different things than we do in Europe, but we have learned how to adapt to their market and needs and I think that we are there now. We have had a Froosh representative there continually for the last 6 months to oversee the Japanese market."

"The great thing is that once you are approved by one of the Japanese wholesalers, then you are pretty much approved by the rest of them. It takes a lot of work beforehand, but it seems that once you are in, you're in." concludes Anna.

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