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Israel: Agritech 2006 to be largest ever
More than 50 ground-breaking agricultural innovations are to be made public at the Agritech Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel

"Israel's highly creative and resourceful agricultural sector integrates the latest developments in R&D, communications technology, environment studies, ecology and academic research to create agro-technological solutions that surprise us at each new Agritech Exhibition," says Yechiel Assia, director of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, which organizes the tri-annual agricultural exhibition.

"This year has seen unprecedented interest in the exhibition. Numerous delegations from Europe and the US as well as delegations from India and China will have a chance to browse hundreds of exhibitor displays. So far more than 65 delegations from 38 countries have confirmed their participation in their exhibition."

The International Agricultural Exhibition, Agritech 2006, which will be held from May 9-11 is the largest professional exhibition ever to be held at the Israeli Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv. More than 200 exhibitors including 20 foreign exhibitors will participate in the exhibition. Local and foreign companies from Spain, Holland, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine and other countries will display their agricultural achievements in pavilions stretching over an area covering 30,000 square meters.

According to predictions by exhibition organizers, more than 6,500 overseas visitors including 30 agricultural ministers and deputy ministers and accompanying media will visit Agritech 2006.

Highlights of the exhibition include a number of significant international conferences and seminars:

  • Agriculture Under Limited Water Conditions chaired by the Institute for Desert Research
  • The Tides of Change: International Water Technologies Conference and Exhibition which explores multi-dimensional approaches to developing advanced water solutions through international strategic alliances
  • Date Palm Integrated Crop Management organized in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace and the Fred J. Hansen Institute for World Peace of the San Diego University and including participants from the Arab world.
  • Intensive Milk Production Under Harsh Conditions - The Israeli Case chaired by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Conference participants will tour agricultural sites in order to see for themselves how these technological advancements operate on the field.